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K. McCarthy, Esq., JD, MS, NCC

Course Description

The subject matter in this course is "directly and primarily related to" the NBCC Content Area, Counselor Professional Identity and Practice Issues, which has been specified by the NBCC Continuing Education Provider Policy as acceptable content to qualify for NBCC continuing education credit.  This course is available for ACEP home study and offers 2 NBCC Hours.


This course should refine the participant’s understanding of some canonical and recent developments in the study of love. The concept of love being related to irrationality and mental illness will also be part of this course.  But counterarguments like love is a rational phenomenon will also be discussed. Because love is an emotion and emotion is part of one’s mental life and mental health is concerned about people’s mental life and well-being, the academic discourse on love is a beneficial tool that a mental health professional can use. This is so because many times, therapists and social workers alike have to counsel their clients about love, marital and relationship problems, which are necessarily attached to love or lack thereof. Therefore, the participants will learn that this course has immeasurable utility.

Learning Objectives
  • Participants will learn or relearn the academic consensus on the nature of love.

  • Some recent and nuanced sociological, psychological, philosophical conceptions of love will be discussed in detail or in passing.

  • Participants will learn what neuroscientists, neurobiologists and chemists’ postulate on love.

  • The relationship between mental illness, irrationality and love will also be part of this course.

  • Participants will also learn counterarguments that love is a rational feeling; it is biologically useful and it is essential for social bond. Hence, it can be said that love is the engine of the survival for certain species and the source and foundation of  a thriving society.

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