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Illinois Department of

Financial and Professional Regulation

NBCC ACEP, No. 6994

ACEonline, LLC is an approved NBCC ACEP provider, No. 6994.  Many state Boards accept CE Credit from CE providers who are NBCC ACEP providers.  Be sure to check with the IDFPR to make sure our courses are approved by your Board.


You are responsible for reporting your CEs to the IDFPR.  To upload your Certificates of Completion, click this link and select "Document Upload Instructions" under "Portal Administration."



The IDFPR regulates the following counseling professions:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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Licensure Renewal Requirements

In order to renew a license, a licensee shall be required to complete 30 hours of continuing education.  All clinical professional counselors are required to complete 18 hours in clinical supervision training of the 30 continuing education hours required.  This is a one time (lifetime) requirement.  All supervision training successfully completed subsequent to September 1, 2003 can be applied to the 18 hours of clinical supervision continuing education required. 


  • A prerenewal period is the 24 months preceding March 31 of each odd-numbered year.


  • CE requirements shall be the same for licensed professional counselors and licensed clinical professional counselors.


  •  One CE hour shall equal one clock hour of attendance.  After completion of the initial CE hour, credit may be given in one-half hour increments.


  • A renewal applicant shall not be required to comply with CE requirements for the first renewal of an Illinois license.


  • Professional counselors or clinical professional counselors licensed in Illinois but residing and practicing in other states or jurisdictions shall comply with the CE requirements set forth in this Section.


  • Continuing education credit hours used to satisfy the CE requirements of another jurisdiction may be applied to fulfill the CE requirements of the State of Illinois.


  • A maximum of 15 CE credits per renewal period may be earned for successful completion of a correspondence course (e.g., by mail, computer, etc.) that is offered by an approved sponsor who meets the requirements set forth in subsection (c). Each correspondence course shall include an examination.

Click to see Section 1375.220 Illinois Administrative Code

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