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About ACEonline, LLC

ACEonline, LLC is a company that sells online educational courses.  


Currently, we are an approved provider of continuing educational courses by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, and the National Board for Certified Counselors.  


We are also approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families as a provider of the mandatory 4-Hour Parenting Education and Family Stabilization Course required for couples filing for divorce in the state of Florida.

Available Positions

Freelance Researcher/Writer

Job Description

ACEonline, LLC is in the process of expanding and is looking for qualified FREELANCE research assistants to help research and write new educational content for continuing educational courses and/or parenting courses.  


This is an independent contractor position.  ACEonline may terminate services at any time and for any reason.


Candidates may work at their own pace.  Deadlines are flexible.


Candidates will be responsible for researching topical and current, empirically-based sources, and writing educational articles in APA format.


Candidates will electronically submit their drafts to the editor for revisions and final approval.


  • No previous work experience necessary

  • Must have at least a  Masters or Doctoral degree in psychology, counseling, social work, or law

  • Must provide a copy of Masters and/or Doctoral degrees

  • Must have excellent research/writing skills

  • Must have proficiency with APA format

  • Submit a current 10 page writing sample

  • Must be proficient with the use of email, text documents, document sharing programs, internet usage


Written material must be typed in Helvetica or New Times Roman, 12 Font, Black.  (Hyperlinks may be Blue.)  All submissions must conform to APA format with proper citations and references provided.  All research references and citations and hyperlinks must be current.


Spelling errors, improper English, poor grammar, and the like will not be accepted or compensated.  


PLAGIARISM on any level is highly PROHIBITED and will not be tolerated; any references to another's work must be properly cited.


Submissions will be accepted via email or file sharing programs, such as Google Docs, Drop Box, etc.  Submissions must be in an editable format, not PDFs.

Length of Content

Continuing education (CE) courses may vary in length, depending on the number of continuing education credits designated for each course.  Typically, a course will have a minimum of 10 pages for 1 CE hour of credit, 20-30 pages for 2 CE, 30-40 pages for 3 CE, etc..  Candidates may be commissioned to research/write sections of a course, rather than the entire course.  (For example, a section may be devoted to a review of statewide and national domestic violence statistics and a comparison to rates over time.)


Parenting courses are typically required to be 4 hours of actual time spent taking the course, and the length of the entire course could be approximately 70 pages of material.    Again, candidates may be commissioned to research/write sections of a course, rather than the entire course.  (For instance, a section may be limited to a discussion about the impact parental conflict has on children during a divorce.)


Payment for submissions will be based on the number of pages submitted to ACEonline after all edits and upon final approval by the ACEonline editor.  Candidates understand that submissions are subject to revision and final approval by the editor, and candidates may be asked to make revisions prior to being compensated.


The fees below include the time it takes to research, write, and make any necessary revisions. 

Approximately 10 finished pages,  ACEonline will pay $60.

Approximately 20-30 finished pages, ACEonline will pay $120.  

Approximately 30-40 finished pages, ACEonline will pay $180.  


"Finished pages" means the body of the content of the written material, after all revisions and once approved by the editor.  It specifically excludes pages dedicated to references, sources, bibliography, charts, graphs, images, etc..

Intellectual Property Notice

Any material submitted to ACEonline, as it pertains to this Freelance Research/Writing position, is the intellectual property of Online-CEs, LLC (the managing member of ACEonline, LLC)  and may not be published, sold to, or otherwise used by any third parties.  Anyone accepting this position understands that they will not own the written material that they write and submit to ACEonline.

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