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(Some Boards distinguish between general CEs and other types.  Please review your specific state requirements to learn more.)

Course Description

HIV/AIDS epidemic is currently a debilitating global health crisis. Part I of this course provides background information and an overview of the HIV infection and AIDS. Part II of this course discusses the ways in which the HIV infection is transmitted. Part III of this course details both the prevention and control of the HIV infection. Part IV of this course addresses the need for attitude and behavior change. Part V of this course considers workplace issues in the realm of policy development. Finally, Part VI of this course explores the various legal issues commonly associated with the HIV infection and AIDS

Approved by the Following State Boards:
  • Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling (CE Broker #50-23449)

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the basic information and history of the HIV infection and AIDS epidemic

  • Understand how the HIV infection is transmitted

  • Describe the ways in which the HIV infection can be prevented and controlled

  • Consider the necessary HIV/AIDS attitude and behavior changes 

  • Understand how various workplace issues are addressed in HIV/AIDS policy development

  • Learn about the many HIV/AIDS legal issues


You will be expected to review all materials provided and pass the poset-test with a minimum of 70%, in order to receive your certificate of completion.  You will also be required to complete a course evaluation.  Once you have satisfactorily completed the post-test and submitted your evaluation, your certificate will be emailed to you.

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