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Ethics and Confidentiality for Mental Health Counselors 3CE
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Ethics and Boundaries




(Some Boards distinguish between general CEs and other types.  Please review your specific state requirements to learn more.)

Course Description

This course deals primarily with mental health professional ethics and confidentiality. Part 1 of this course discusses ethics for mental health professionals. Specifically, the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics is presented, and several tips for avoiding ethical pitfalls are discussed. Part 2 of this course considers the particularly important issue of confidentiality for mental health professionals. Florida laws and limits to confidentiality are reviewed, and the ethical, legal and policy issues of confidentiality are explored. Additionally, Federal confidentiality laws and HIPPA are examined, and potential problems with the current legal framework regarding confidentiality are introduced.

Approved by the Following State Boards:
  • Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling (CE Broker #50-23449)

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the ACA Code of Ethics 

  • Describe ways to avoid ethical pitfalls 

  • Understand Florida laws and limits to confidentiality

  • Consider the ethical, legal and policy issues concerning confidentiality of mental health treatment

  • Understand Federal confidentiality laws and HIPAA


You will be expected to review all materials provided and pass the poset-test with a minimum of 70%, in order to receive your certificate of completion.  You will also be required to complete a course evaluation.  Once you have satisfactorily completed the post-test and submitted your evaluation, your certificate will be emailed to you.

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